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The English Power Pack includes 7 full-length amazing courses from 7 different English language teachers. Try a small sample of each course here by clicking on the links below. Remember that the English Power Pack includes each full course.


Click here for a free sample of The Travel English Expert Audio & Text Course

PRODUCT NAME: The Travel English Expert Course


Ready to travel the world with English? Join this course and you’ll enjoy your journey much more with confidence and fluency in English.

  • Learn the English you need to be an expert world traveler
  • Do not get confused or misunderstood during your travels!
  • All lessons include audio and text
  • Easy to learn on-the-go from anywhere – download and keep forever
  • Each module includes a comprehension quiz 


“I am happy to have the Travel English Expert course in hand! I’m excited because it will help me with my travels.” – Christina, Colombia


Click here for a free sample of the Advanced English Grammar Course

PRODUCT NAME: Advanced English Grammar Course


This course will help you master the more advanced aspects of using the English language, with clear and straightforward explanations of even the most complicated topics.

And here’s what’s even more important – the lessons have a practical focus, creating opportunities for you not just to “study” or “learn” grammar, but instead to

SEE the grammar in action
Truly UNDERSTAND how it works
And USE it yourself.

The goal is not to memorize rules (because that’s boring – and nobody has time to try to think about the rules when writing or speaking) but rather to internalize them so that you can produce correct sentences naturally and consistently.


“This is the best English course I’ve ever taken! The explanations in all lessons are very clear and detailed. Besides, I got to know the mistakes that non-native English speakers commonly make. What’s more interesting is, there are writing tasks in every lesson and I could send my writing to you for correction! I love it very much! Through this, I got to know my grammatical mistakes that I’d been making for years.” – Foong, Malaysia


Click here for a free audio sample of The Feel Good English Super Pack

PRODUCT NAME: The Feel Good English Super Pack


Do you find yourself low on motivation sometimes? Feel Good English provides lessons that inspire, enlighten, and fulfill the lives of English learners all over the world. Become more fluent in not just English, but life, business, and relationships with 70 audio lessons and 70 transcripts from the FGE podcast. Value $37


“I’ve been listening to a couple of podcasts to improve my English and I have to say that I always end up listening to this one. I find it very interesting because you are not just improving your English, you are also learning a lot of advice that you can apply to your life.” Andres, USA

“This podcast will not only help you improve your english but your life and career. Beautiful TED talks and inspiring books are recommended and commented on in a fresh and nice way. Easy and enjoyable to listen to.” Fran, Spain

“Kevin is doing a very great job teaching English through interesting topics related to inspire people to be better. I strongly recommend!” Alexandre, Brazil

Thinking business woman with glasses looking up on many questions mark isolated on gray wall background

Click here for a free sample of the 75 Confusing English Vocabulary Words Course

PRODUCT NAME: 75 Confusing English Words Course


In this course, you will study 35 sets of words and phrases that are often confused in English. These words are confusing for a lot of people because sometimes two different words in English, translate to only one word in another language, or vice-versa. Including After vs. Later…By vs Until…Bored vs. Boring…Even if vs. Even though…Fun vs. Funny…Security vs. Safety…Sick vs. A cold, and more!. Value $40


“I learned an important part of English grammar lexicon. Excellent good examples and explanation.”



Click here for a free sample of The Weekly English Workout

PRODUCT NAME: The Weekly English Workout


The Weekly English Workout with YouTube teacher-celebrity Fluency MC (Jason R. Levine) is the only online course 100% dedicated to improving English speaking through fun practice. Using Jason’s unique rhythm and rhyme approach, you’ll practice your way to fluency with 16 Video Workouts, over 100 mp3s, audio and written exercises. You can’t learn about English and expect to use it. Practice is the missing link. The Weekly English Workout provides the fun, motivating practice you need to use English accurately and fluently in your daily life.  



“I think The Weekly English Workout has had a big impact on my way to learn English. Since I started to follow the 3Rs, you know, Relax, Repeat, Remember, I feel more confident and I want to use this language as often as I can.” – Angie, High-intermediate student, Poland

“Welcome to the best English course ever!” – Hugo, High-intermediate student and non-native English-speaking teacher, Argentina


Click here for a free sample of Mastering English Phrasal Verbs Through Story

PRODUCT NAME: Mastering English Phrasal Verbs Through Story


Phrasal verbs. If those words make you want to give up* learning English then you’re in the right place. Most resources to teach phrasal verbs give you just a list of phrasal verbs and a few examples.

This course goes further for you…Stories.

That’s what makes this course unique. We’ve created 44 short stories that seamlessly use over 500 phrasal verbs in context and can be studied individually yet also connect into one bigger storyline.

Oh, the drama!

*that’s your first phrasal verb!


I like Lindsay’s way of working. Her blog and videos are awesome which is why I chose this course and it’s exactly what expected. I was feeling a lack of both English knowledge and practice. In the course, I am getting both. I like the course so much!” – Eugene, Student, Mastering English Phrasal Verbs Through Story


Click here for a free sample of the ELLLO Level Up Course


PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: Listen to over 180 audio interviews and work your listening skills up from beginner to advanced. These interviews come with 180 lessons in groups of difficulty from 2 to 7, as well as 1000 mini vocabulary lessons, and printable worksheets and answer sheets.

Included in each lesson:

1 Audio Conversation
1 Worksheet
1 Answer sheet
5 or 6 Vocabulary Mini Lessons (Audio of the vocabulary explanation)



“The listening lessons on Elllo are awesome practice for English in real life. I have a lot of fun listening to the different viewpoints and answers from speakers from all over the world. Also, the worksheets are great. They’re insightful and help me learn the language quickly. I can see why so many people benefit from Elllo.” -Fátima, Nicaragua.

“The audios I got from ELLLO have helped me a lot because I learn grammar, and at the same time I learn vocabulary related to topics I am actually interested in, so I can use it with my friends. I think this is very useful and super easy to use. ” Momoko, Japan.

“I really like ELLLO products, because they are not the usual and boring textbook topics. They use real situations and I can tell they come from real people as well.” Estaban, Chile