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With the English Power Pack profits

we are giving 10% to charity


Your purchase will directly support education

through Pencils of Promise


Photo: A Pencils of Promise school in Guatemala


As teachers, we understand the importance of education!


Education is one thing that can never be taken away from someone who gets it. Education can be the key to opportunities and success. Education is knowledge, and knowledge is power.


This year's English Power Pack teachers have taught English in more than 7 countries and in a wide array of situations. We have experienced teaching in top universities in major world cities and in rural areas without proper supplies -- or without even a school.


Sitting in my home in the United States, it's hard to imagine some places that don't have Internet, textbooks, pencils,... or even a school building.


Do you remember your school as a child? I remember having everything we needed -- computers, Internet, a library stocked with thousands of books,... you name it, we probably had it. I always loved learning but I think I really took it for granted that I had everything I needed and more.


We are teaming up with a non-profit organization to make a positive impact through education. It's not just about feeling good (although giving feels great); it's about improving the educational opportunities for young people whom we can't reach with our online materials because they don't have the means to access education.


That's why 10% of the English Power Pack profits are going to a great charity we believe in -- Pencils of Promise -- to build a school.


We hope that you're as excited as we are to give back so that other young people can have a brighter future through education. It's our passion and we are so glad you are helping us make a big impact in the world in our own small way!


What do you need to do?

Nothing extra! Simply purchase the English Power Pack and we will take care of the rest. We will report back to you to let you know the results of our giving.