The English Power Pack 3 Sale is Now Closed.


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Hey there, I’m Gabby from Go Natural English and I’m the organizer here at the English Power Pack. I’m honored that so many amazing, successful, popular online English teachers have agreed to be part of this project!

I can’t thank you enough for checking out the English Power Pack and coming here to find out more about the story behind it.

(I always check out the “about” page on websites too!)

These days you can learn English online, which saves a ton of time and money. The days of driving across the city to go to an expensive private language school are over! There are many excellent resources for improving your fluency in English online. But it can take a long time to search for and explore the products and courses currently available.

Naturally, I thought joining together with my online teacher friends to offer a “pack” of related products and courses would be awesome!

I’m so happy that they agreed and that we can present the first ever pack of its kind for English language learners. Because the English Power Pack was so successful, we have offered new versions of it, now on our third sale.

The English Power Pack is here to offer you an easy choice. With all that it includes at the price, the English Power Pack is a no-brainer!

To top it off, 10% of profits are going to Pencils of Promise to help build a school for kids. As teachers, we know how important education is. We want to give back and you can help us with your purchase. I encourage you to learn more about the organization.

Who is part of the English Power Pack 3, November 28 – December 4, 2016?

The best part of the English Power Pack is you get products and courses from 7 of the top online English teachers and fluency coaches in the world. Each of your teachers gives you their unique style and expertise. Their fresh approaches will complement each other and give you a comprehensive English learning experience.


About the teachers featured in the English Power Pack 3

Screen Shot 2016-06-09 at 4.03.55 PMGabby is an American English teacher and fluency coach, creator of Go Natural English, a very popular YouTube channel and website. She has a Masters Degree in Education and over 10 years of teaching experience.

English Power Pack Product: The Travel English Expert Audio & Text Course



is the founder of Espresso English, a popular well-established website and YouTube channel. She is originally from the United States. Now she lives in Brazil, where she works as an English teacher and translator. She has a CELTA certification.

English Power Pack Product: Advanced English Grammar Course




me_fixedKevin from Feel Good English, a growing podcast and website, is passionate about helping English learners improve their fluency. He has lived in Brazil and now is back home in the USA.

English Power Pack Product: The Feel Good English Super Pack



michael-digiacomo-2016Michael of My Happy English is a native New Yorker. He runs a very popular podcast for ESL learners and English school in Manhattan, NYC.

English Power Pack Product: 75 Confusing English Vocabulary Words Course





Jason, also known as Fluency MC, is an English teacher, teacher trainer, “knowledge entertainer,” and creator of the English Workout Method. He has taught English and given workshops in 14 countries over the past 18 years.

English Power Pack Product: The Weekly English Workout



small-square-half-body-smileLindsay of Lindsay Does Languages is passionate about helping you learn a new language. A big part of her job is inspiring others to teach themselves languages. She wants you to know that it’s possible for you to learn a language. Go team!

English Power Pack Product: Mastering English Phrasal Verbs Through Story





Todd of Ellllo is an ESL teacher in Japan. He created ELLLO to help students (and teachers) get free listening lessons online.

English Power Pack Product: ELLLO Level Up Course