What's in the English Power Pack

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9 top courses & products to help YOU learn fluent English - worth over $400, but yours today for just $97!

The Guide to 200 Phrasal Verbs Audio eBook and Fast Forward Reading ebook by Go Natural English

The 200 Phrasal Verbs audio eBook clearly explains the top 200+ phrasal verbs which are most commonly used in American English conversation. You’ll learn phrasal verbs for many different situations. Value $54

Phrasal Verbs in Conversation Course by Espresso English

Phrasal verbs can make it difficult to understand spoken English, even if you’ve studied the language for a long time. This course will teach you phrasal verbs in context through conversations ­ it’s a fun and easy way to learn! Value $30

50 Natural English Expressions Course by Speaking English with Vanessa

You’ll learn the top 50 most valuable, everyday expressions that native speakers use, but English learners don’t use. You won’t want to miss it! Value $67

Success with Stories by English Fluency Now

Product: Success with Stories helps you speak English fluently with confidence and ease. The program includes 20 Lesson Sets with over 18 hours of audio materials (mp3), 400+ pages (PDF), and the powerful Question & Answer lessons. Value $89

Attacking the 4 P’s eBook by Feel Good English

Attacking the 4P’s, by Feel Good English, will help you see big improvements in the four most difficult areas for English learners: pronunciation, phrasal verbs, prepositions and the present perfect tense. Value $77

American English Pronunciation by Rachel’s English

Rachel’s eBook shows you, from start to finish, how to improve your English speaking skills. Improve your English to excel at work or school and feel at ease speaking with Americans. Value $37

Master Learners Transcripts by Happy English

The Master Learner’s eBook and Mp3’s is a great way to learn English. This package includes an 850 page PDF plus 400 Mp3 audio files. The eBook features English lessons on idioms, slang, confusing vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation, and more. Value $49

Why English is Easy by Fluent in 3 Months

How would you like to discover a new, easy way to learn English? Using my learning methods, you can become a relaxed and confident English speaker in just a few months. Value $37

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The Skills You Need for Fluency

Improve your speaking, listening, knowledge of phrasal verbs, and much more!
Learn the English you need to know

To be fluent in English, you need to develop all your skills - from speaking to listening, from phrasal verbs to common phrases.

That's why the English Power Pack includes a variety of courses to help you improve all the areas of your English.

We'll help you become a better, more confident, and more fluent English speaker!

*The English Power Pack is only available for 1 week.

  • Speaking

    American English Pronunciation and 50 Natural English Expressions

  • Listening

    Happy English Podcast Transcripts and 20 hours of listening practice in "Success with stories"

  • Phrasal Verbs

    Phrasal Verbs in Conversation and the Guide to 200+ Phrasal Verbs

  • Fluency

    Attacking the 4 Ps and Fast Forward Reading


8 of the top English as a Second Language teachers in the world
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Espresso English
Shayna is the founder of Espresso English. She is originally from the United States. Now she lives in Brazil, where she works as an English teacher and translator. She has a CELTA certification.
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Rachel’s English
Rachel is from the United States and the creator of the super popular Rachel’s English YouTube channel and website. She has several years experience as an ESL teacher specializing in pronunciation and speaking skills.
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Go Natural English
Gabby Wallace is an American English teacher, creator of the popular YouTube channel Go Natural English. She has a Masters Degree in Education.
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Feel Good English
Kevin from Feel Good English, a growing podcast and website, is passionate about helping English learners improve their fluency. He has lived in Brazil and now is back home in the USA.
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Speak English with Vanessa
Vanessa is from the United States and the founder at Speaking English with Vanessa. She is the star on her popular YouTube channel and specializes in helping English learners speak fluently.
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English Fluency Now
Lisa is an ESL teacher with over 20 years of teaching students in schools and online. Product: Success with Stories is a powerful program that helps English learners speak with confidence and ease.
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Happy English
Michael of Happy English is a native New Yorker. He runs a very popular podcast for ESL learners and English school in Manhattan, NYC.
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Fluent in 3 Months
Benny is a fun-loving Irish guy, a full-time globe trotter and international bestselling author. He is a fluent and confident speaker of seven languages and helps others to do the same.

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