What's in the English Power Pack?

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5 top courses to help YOU learn fluent English - worth over $450, but it can be yours for just $97!

17 Secrets of Native English Listening Skills

The lessons in this course explain how spoken English is special. You’ll learn the important points that most English learners don’t know from traditional classrooms and textbooks. After you take this course, spoken English will become less of a mystery. The goal is that you feel more confident about participating in English conversations and listening to any English material you want. (Value $127)

Business English Course

Learn English for your career! This course will help you communicate more confidently in professional situations. You’ll learn phrases for interviews, phone calls, meetings, negotiations, presentations, and networking. The course also teaches vocabulary for finance, marketing, management, project development, customer service, and more. (Value $40)

Get the Job

Learn the exact words & strategies to convince recruiters, and show that you have the right level of English for the job. (Value $160)

Conversation Anatomy Starter Pack

Inside the Starter Pack, we examine conversations one skill at a time. These workshops will help you understand core conversation skills in English. You’ll learn the culture behind communication techniques as well as the language you need to express yourself more like a native English speaker. (Value $97)

English Across the Pond Fluency Kit

Improve your conversational English confidence and fluency with transcripts, comprehension questions + audio answers, and bonus English training videos. This Fluency Kit is a sample of English Across the Pond membership. The kit includes transcripts, questions + audio from 8 episodes, 2 bonus videos about common American greetings and phrasal verbs, and a live training replay about the conditionals. (Value $30)



The English Power Pack 4 Sale is NOW OPEN

The Skills you need for fluency

Focus on speaking, listening, conversation skills, and much more!
Learn the English you need to know

Whether you want to become fluent in English for your personal life or to get to the next level in your career, you need to develop your overall English fluency - including your vocabulary and your speaking, listening, and conversation skills.

That's why the English Power Pack includes a variety of courses to help you improve all the areas of your English.

We'll help you become a better, more confident, and more fluent English speaker!

*The English Power Pack is on sale for 1 week ONLY.

  • Speaking

    English Across the Pond Fluency Kit, Conversation Anatomy Starter Pack, and MORE!

  • Listening

    17 Secrets to Native English Listening Skills course, English Across the Pond Fluency Kit, and More!

  • Business English

    Business English Course and Get the Job

  • Fluency



5 of the top English as a Second Language teachers in the world
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Go Natural English
Gabby Wallace is an American English teacher and is the creator of the popular YouTube channel, Go Natural English. She has a Masters Degree in Education.
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Espresso English
Shayna is the founder of Espresso English, where you can improve your English fast – even if you don’t have a lot of time to study. Students love her clear, friendly, and practical lessons!
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Speak English with Christina
Christina Rebuffet makes it fun and easy for you to become fluent in American English with her YouTube channel Speak English with Christina.
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English with Kim
Kim is an English teacher, accent trainer and communication coach. She works with non-native speakers who want to sound more natural. She teaches essential conversation skills along with stress, intonation and connected speech so that you and your meaning can be more easily understood when speaking.
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Jennifer + Dan

English Across the Pond
Jennifer from the US and Dan (UK) host English Across the Pond, a weekly podcast helping English learners reach their goal of confidence and fluency in conversational English. By listening to 2 native speakers have a real conversation, listeners can learn how to use natural English more confidently.

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