What's in the English Power Pack

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7 top courses & products to help YOU learn fluent English - worth $506, but yours today for just $97!

The Weekly English Workout

Practice makes perfect! This program is specifically designed to help you practice your way to English speaking fluency with Jason’s unique rhythm and rhyme approach. You’ll have a lot of fun with 16 Video Workouts and more than 100 audio and written exercises. (Value $97)

Mastering Phrasal Verbs Through Story

Lindsay created 44 short stories that seamlessly use over 500 phrasal verbs in context and can be studied individually yet also connect into one bigger storyline. (Value $100)

Advanced English Grammar Course

Lessons have a practical focus, creating opportunities for you not just to “study” or “learn” grammar, but instead to SEE the grammar in action, Truly UNDERSTAND how it works, And USE it yourself. (Value $45)

ELLLO Level Up Course

Listen to over 180 audio interviews and work your listening skills up from beginner to advanced. These interviews come with 180 lessons in groups of difficulty from 2 to 7, as well as 1000 mini vocabulary lessons, and printable worksheets and answer sheets. (Value $60)

The Travel English Expert

An audio & text program to improve your English for travel. 50 conversation recorded by native speakers directly related to world travel will help build your confidence and fluency. (Value $127)

The Feel Good English Super Pack

Lessons inspire, enlighten, and fulfill. Become more fluent in not just English, but life, business, and relationships with 70 audio lessons and 70 transcripts from the FGE podcast. (Value $37)

75 Confusing English Words Course

Study 35 sets of words and phrases that are often confused in English. Including After vs. Later…By vs Until…Bored vs. Boring…Even if vs. Even though…Fun vs. Funny…Security vs. Safety…Sick vs. A cold, and more! (Value $40)

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The Skills You Need for Fluency

Improve your speaking, listening, knowledge of phrasal verbs, and much more!
Learn the English you need to know

To be fluent in English, you need to develop all your skills - from speaking to listening, from phrasal verbs to common phrases.

That's why the English Power Pack includes a variety of courses to help you improve all the areas of your English.

We'll help you become a better, more confident, and more fluent English speaker!

*The English Power Pack is only available for 1 week.

  • Speaking

    The Weekly English Workout, Level Up Course, and more!

  • Listening

    The Travel English Expert, The Feel Good English Super Pack, and more!

  • Phrasal Verbs

    Mastering Phrasal Verbs through Story

  • Fluency

    Advanced English Grammar Course, 75 Confusing English Words Course, and more!


7 of the top English as a Second Language teachers in the world
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Espresso English
Shayna is the founder of Espresso English. She is originally from the United States. Now she lives in Brazil, where she works as an English teacher and translator. She has a CELTA certification.
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Go Natural English
Gabby Wallace is an American English teacher, creator of the popular YouTube channel Go Natural English. She has a Masters Degree in Education.
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Feel Good English
Kevin from Feel Good English, a growing podcast and website, is passionate about helping English learners improve their fluency. He has lived in Brazil and now is back home in the USA.
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Happy English
Michael of Happy English is a native New Yorker. He runs a very popular podcast for ESL learners and English school in Manhattan, NYC.
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Todd is an ESL teacher in Japan. He created ELLLO to help students (and teachers) get authentic, fun listening lessons online.
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Fluency MC
An English teacher, teacher trainer, “knowledge entertainer,” and creator of the English Workout Method. He has taught English and given workshops in 14 countries over the past 18 years.
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Lindsay Does Languages
I learn, teach, blog, vlog, eat, sleep, breathe everything language. A big part of my job is inspiring others to teach themselves languages.

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